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Irish Sheep Soap
Irish Sheep Soap
£ 4.75
Robin Eggs in Bird Collector's box
Robin Eggs in Bird Collector's box
£ 8.00
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Happywrap   Your soaps look great!

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misspoppys   Hi - I`m doing a little feature about soap art on my blog this tuesday - I`d love to include your apple soap - is it ok? message me if its not possible - my blog is

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Scentcosmetics  Miss poppys. I've been on Tosouk a number of times but I think I may have missed this comment - I hadn't realised comments were added without being notified. Or I'd need to look at my setttings. Sorry and wonderful - thank you!

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A Favourite seller!
Name:Garreth Falls
Born:2 August
Inspiration:Our Story/Our passion? Its an odd one. We are passionate about transformation. Until recently we had been working in the voluntary, community and faith sectors. Having pioneered a flagship community project known as MORPH we sought to see transformation happen among the most marginalised and disadvantaged people in society. Despite awards and wide-spread recognition the Global recession along with some last minute funding being withdrawn meant we found ourselves homeless, pregnant and looking around for whats next. Rather than become unemployed and another statistic we decided to go back to our roots - bringing transformation to whatever we do. Inspired by Brazillian's entrepreneural spirit due to no benifit system and using the talented Teixeira genes (Carla's mum makes the patchwork, sister sells scrap-book products and her brothers play in bands) we decided to try and generate enough money to make ends meet through making things. We found out that soap art is something uncommon here in Ireland and that Carla is quite good at it. We launched our company, "Archegos" which allows me the freedom to work as a free-lance consultant to bring in some money whilst Carla builds the soap business. Thus far we have been really pleased with the response. We started out with house-parties, craft fairs and now retail here in Ireland and USA. All on a shoe-string budget that makes us chuckle! Our little dream for "ScENT" is to spread a little of the fragrance of heaven through all the earth (which is physically happening thanks to ETSY) and to grow slowly into a social enterprise which could bless the local community at a time of global crisis through employement, education and training. We are passionate about fair-trade, organic and all things sustainable and this influences all we do wherever possible. Our desire for justice, mercy and environement, our pursuit to be transformers, our rejection of cultural norms and focus on hospitality and family all stem from our faith. We have a deep conviction and belief that compels us to carry a positive ScENT through all the earth.
Fav Materials:Soap, essential oils, paper & people

About me:
Who are we?

Carla is the soap artist. She spends her days in the lab perfecting her art whilst enviously gazing out the window to see her three male counterparts bouncing about on the trampoline.

I'm Garreth, the social entrepreneur, coach, facilitator, chief home-maker/child-carer, baker and occasional soap-maker. I come up with the ideas... Carla makes it happen; I try to serve in some way in order to help.

What we do?

Soaps. Lots of soaps with a Brazillian (her) and Irish (me) influence. We specialise in fruit soaps, novelty, soaps, luxury soaps and gift soaps. Soaps that make you go, "ooooh" and... "aaaaah". Hopefully soaps that you will want to buy in abundance for yourself and everyone you know.

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