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The PhyzzEzeeRizer
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Name:P Senior
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About me:
I have started Phyzzezee as a means to help address some of the day to day difficulties experienced by those of us who find ourselves at some stage in life, for whatever reason, physically challenged or even disabled as effectively functioning members of society.

I want to encourage discussion and comment and the sharing of coping strategies that have helped improve our abilities to stay active.

Phyzzezee is not just for people who self-identify as being 'disabled' but also for those who may be just getting older and more frail, or perhaps be temporarily affected by illness or accident. It's very likely that many or even most of these people will also not be online to read this so I am relying on their friends, family, carers etc. to perhaps pass on information and also maybe comment on their behalf.

Several issues have recently come to a head for me personally and Phyzzezee allows me a place to try and raise public awareness with a view to improving life not only for myself but hopefully for a perhaps otherwise silent minority