Copper Toilet Roll Holder

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Copper Toilet Roll Holder
The Original & Authentic QuirkHub Toilet Roll Holder, A Real Steam Punk Statement Piece.

A Unique, Industrial Piece, Crafted To The Highest Standards.

Made From 15mm, (22mm Also Available) Diameter Copper Pipe (Highly Polished).

Copper Is a Perfect Material To Use In The Kitchen / Bath Room / Bedroom As It Has Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial Efficacy.

Man Has Exploited The Inherent Antimicrobial Properties Of Copper Since The Dawn Of Civilisation. It Has Been Demonstrated Clearly In Many Scientific Studies Conducted Over Several Decades That Copper Has Rapid, Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial Efficacy Against Some Of The Most Toxic Species Of Bacteria, Fungi And Viruses.

The Patina Will Enhance The Piece As It Ages Or It Could Be Easily Re-Polished With Brasso To Restore.

Designed To Perfectly Hold A Standard Toilet Roll.

Fixed To The Wall With Brass Stand Off Clips (Fixings Supplied). The Clips Can Be Locked To Hold The Roll Off The Wall, Or They Can Be Loosened Slightly To Allow A Swing Action.

Could Be Complemented With A Copper-Top® Towel Rail Or Towel Ring.
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