The PhyzzEzeeRizer

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The PhyzzEzeeRizer
Those of us who use high seats at home are often unable to manage when out and about. This aid seeks to remedy this problem.

I have named my invention the PhyzzEzee Rizer because although it looks like a bag, the bag is merely a carrier for a riser cushion. The bag is made of smooth, lightweight but durable waterproof fabric, in a dark forest green colour that tones well with most outfits. The strap length is quickly and easily adjustable so that it can be worn over the shoulder, leaving the hands free to use a walking stick etc. or, with the strap shortened, carried like a handbag and not dangling to cause a nuisance when sitting down on the cushion.

Carrying this bag when out and about enables a person who has problems accessing normal or low seating (for example in cafes, waiting rooms, at the theatre or in church, or just in other people's homes, etc.) to overcome these problems and thus be able to lead a more active social life. I never go anywhere without mine nowadays! It also enables someone to sit down on park benches etc even if they are wet. I have been told that it could also be useful to some pregnant women with back problems.

This is the basic version of the two sizes, 34cms square, with the basic quality foam. Other more expensive versions are also available. I can also supply this item in black if preferred but that is more difficult to photograph.

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